Tex McCormick - Matt Dillon
Mason McCormick - Jim Metzler
Jamie Collins - Meg Tilly
Pop McCormick - Bill McKinney
Cole Collins - Ben Johnson
Johnny Collins - Emilio Estevez
Lem Peter - Phil Brock
Hitchhiker - Zeljko Ivnek

Director - Tim Hunter
Producer - Tim Zinnemann
Screenplay - Charlie Haas and Tim Hunter
Photography - Ric Waite

A Walt Disney release
Opened September 1982

S.E. Hinton on the movie:
Tex was the first of my books to be filmed, and it introduced me to Matt Dillon, who went on to star in two more of my films, Outsiders and Rumble Fish.

I also met Emilio Estevez on Tex, who went on to star in two more of my films, The Outsiders and That was Then...

Emilio also wrote the screenplay for That Was Then.

Tex was just plain fun to shoot. My horse, who I based Tex's horse on in the book, played Tex's horse in the movie and did a great job!

This is a really good movie - captured the spirit of the book very well; and contained some great performances.
(I play the typing teacher. I was supposed to look terrified, which was lucky, because I was.)